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The Geeky Gourmand

A 20-something's ramblings on food & drink, with a dash of randomness

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Epicurian ramblings; now based in Hong Kong
Hi there!

I'm Meg, an American living in Hong Kong and I love good food. Sounds like an intro at an AA meeting. I have never been to such a meeting, but being a 23 year old, I often fall back on pop-culture references.

I started The Geeky Gourmand as a plucky college student living in NYC for a summer. That was all well and good but I never really did anything with it despite eating and cooking some wonderful things and living at NYU right at the doorstep of the Greenmarket.

Now in Hong Kong, land of East Meets West in all aspects of life, I have a wealth of food-related opportunities that beg to be explored by eating out and eating in. I plan on fully exploiting this city despite my measly teacher's salary and sky-high rent.

Now I hear you asking, "What makes this food blog any different from the 78 trajillionity billion others out there?" In response, I don't know. All I know is that despite my complete lack of gastronomical or culinary or even journalistic training, I like writing it.

So there you are. Enjoy!