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The fight against plastic bags

As the rest of the world becomes more eco-friendly and tries to find new ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle (remember that being pounded into our heads in 3rd grade???), China is on the short bus. Sure, there are plenty of innovative products and buildings and whatnot here, but let's face it, they're either expense, hard to use, or just hard to get. China is notoriously bad at over-packaging (worse than the US in my opinion) and styrofoam and plastic bags are still running rampant despite governmental efforts to lessen their use.

The plastic bag issue is the most visible. More and more places will ask you now if you need a bag rather than just automatically bagging something and some places are even charging tiny amounts for each bag used. The really thin and practically useless plastic carrier bags are also being phased out in favor of thicker re-useable carrier bags. I think all of these efforts are contributing to a positive direction. The new thing that interests me is the new kind of cloth bag that is showing up all over HK. I'm not sure the best way to describe the texture, so here's a photo. Also imagine that it's a little starched stiff and extremely lightweight.
Bag Detail

Now what does this have to do with food, you ask? Aha! Well, tonight I visited Pizza Express, a UK upscale pizza chain that also exist in HK, and couldn't finish my whole pizza. So they box it up in a traditional pizza box (but smaller) and then give it to me in one of these new-fangled bags. But it's not just any bag...no, it's a pizza carrier!!! Brilliant! I've taken two pictures of this wonderous thing so you can fully appreciate it like I do. I apologize for the crappy lighting, but the apartment that I'm staying in temporarily has the worst lighting EVER.
Pizza Carrier      Pizza Carrier from above

Another cool feature of these bags? If you bring it back in for future uses, you save 2 HKD! Just like bringing your own cup of a coffeehouse, you too can save the environment while enjoying culinary pleasures!

For more info on Pizza Express check them out on the internets:
In the UK: pizzaexpress.com
In HK: pizzaexpress.com.hk


Jul. 23rd, 2008 03:05 am (UTC)
i hope you got decent pizza. the one time i got pizza in hk (i didn't order it i swear, my uncle did, thinking we would want it, but who wants pizza when there's HK food?) it was rather, how shall we say...interesting? for starters, no tomato sauce, no cheese as far as i could tell, the main part was like potato & it had corn in it. i can just see what goes on in their heads. "corn is american & so is pizza, so they MUST go together." speaking of which, i hope you don't have any food allergies. chinese people are absolutely horrible when it comes to food allergies. their philosophy, is that if you have more of it, it'll build up your immune system & you'll get over it, sooner or later. guess they've never met those people who will keel over if they so much as sniff a peanut.